Escape from Tarkov Customs Map Guide

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most important places and elements in the Escape from Tarkov Customs game. The name of the map comes from the customs port in the region, and the area itself is referred to as Tarkov’s industrial district. Warehouses, two dorm complexes, two petrol stations, and Reshala, the head of the SCAV, will also be available to players. T

There are several maps accessible, thus we will attempt to pull the most useful information from them in order to identify the most important locations, such as:

  • Extraction Points (PMC, SCAV, All)
  • PMC Spawns
  • Scav Spawns
  • Scav Snipers
  • Loot spots: Stashes, Barrel caches, Ground caches, Weapon crates and boxes, grenade boxes, cash registers, toolbxoxes, computers, medicine and medical bags.
  • Reshala aka Boss Spawn Locations.

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Escape from tarkov customs map guide

Escape from Tarkov Customs map spawn and extraction points

In this level, players may choose to spawn on either the western side (Customs Side) and extract on the eastern side of the map, or on the eastern side (Boiler Side) and extract on the western side. As a result, you will never begin your journey in the center of the map.

Customs map extracts

There are more than 25 extraction spots shown on the Customs Map, therefore it’s important to be familiar with all of them.

It doesn’t matter if you play as SCAV or PMC, there are three things in common. These are the ones to look out for:

  • Crossroads
  • Old Gas Station
  • Ruaf Roadblock

Now let’s look at the 6 PMC extraction points:

  • ZB-1011
  • ZB-1012
  • ZB-1013
  • Trailer Park
  • Smugglers Boat
  • Dorms V-EX

Here are the extraction points if you play as SCAV:

  • Trailer Park Worker’s Shack
  • Railroad to Tarkov
  • Railroad to Port
  • Warehouse 17
  • Sniper Roadblock
  • Factory Shacks
  • Old Road Gate
  • Railroad Military Base
  • Passage Between Rocks
  • Military Base Checkpoint
  • Scav Checkpoint
  • Administration Gate
  • Factory Far Corner.

EFT Customs Map Points of Interest

The Dorms, the New Gas Station, and the Construction Zone are the three primary sites of interest at Customs. Located in the center of the map, all three of these locations are where you will find the majority of PMC players.

EFT Customs Map Orientation Points

You will begin your journey on the west side of the map between a big number of little garages, a large truck yard with a red warehouse, or right across from a river.
If, on the other hand, you see nothing but forests, rocks, and meadows, you have arrived in northeastern Customs territory. To begin working in the factory, one would have to either wake up in a large hall or be presented with just a few brick structures and silos to observe.

Consider the following points of reference to get you started:

  • Bridge over the river (west-east connection).
  • Gas station & bus stop along the main street.
  • Dorms in the northern part of campus are cut off.
  • On the west side of the map, there is a road blockade.
  • Garages can be found in the east of the map.

Escape From Tarkov Customs Map PMC Spawn Locations

If you are playing as PMC, the landing places are mostly located to the east and west of the map, although as you can see from the map, there are also two spawn areas closer to the center – Storage Building and Warehouse 4. Despite the fact that they are closer to the boss position at New Gas Station, they are also closer to SCAV Sniper spots.

Customs Map Boss Locations (Reshala)

The Dorms, the New Gas Station, and the Scav Stronghold are the three principal areas where Reshala may be found spawning. It’s possible to get a glimpse of him at the Power Tower southwest of the New Gas Station or in the corridor linking the Military Checkpoint and the Power Tower on rare occasions.

Custom Map SCAV Sniper and SCAV Spawn Locations

Recognize the whereabouts of your adversaries. It’s a good idea to be aware of where SCAV spawning are likely to occur, as well as the locations of SCAV snipers, whom you should avoid approaching without care. On the Customs map, there are five Sniper positions to be found.

Customs map weapon box locations

Beginner’s Guide to Surviving Customs in Escape from Tarkov

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