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The Grand Piece Online Map GPO 2022 has been discussed in detail in this article. We have all experienced playing the Roblox Grand Piece Online game, but since we are not familiar with the process of searching for a GPO map or simply do not know about it, we have decided to write this post in order to provide you with the relevant information regarding the Grand Piece Online Map GPO.

In everyday parlance, Grand Piece Online is more often referred to by its acronym, GPO. This is a game that can be played on Roblox online. The players of this game are the ones responsible for making it so popular. It is one of the most well-known Roblox anime games, with over a million visits to its website each month. There has been a new version released for GPO, which also includes updated map information. The most recent update to GPO has introduced a significant number of new features, like Grand Piece Online Codes and maps, into the game.

Grand Piece Online Map GPO >> GPO Sea Map

Here are the list of 2 Grand piece online map GPO map.

  • First Sea Map
  • Second Sea Map

You may have a better understanding of the Grand Piece Online Map (GPO map) by looking at the photographs of these two Grand Piece Online Maps (GPO maps), which are given below.

GPO First Sea Map

GPO Map Grand Piece Online Map guide

You will be able to see marinefort g-1, coco island, gravito’s fort, fishman cave, arlong park, sphinx islandd, trade island, mysterious tower, elo island, orange town, barattle, shell’s town, roca island, islan of zou, kroi island, sanora, marinefort f-1, and beginners’ town. Other places you can visit include: roca island, islan of

GPO Second Sea Map

It is possible to view Sashi Island as well as Desert Kingdom. This map includes the islands of Rovo Island, Rough Waters, Reverse Mountain, and Spirit Island.

GPO Map >> Location

GPO Map Second Sea Location

  • Purchaseables from Winter Wonderland (level -350) >> Eternal Pose (drops) >> Eternal Pose (purchaseables) Gift of Shield / Festival Shield, Gift of Outfit / Santa’s Outfit, Gift of Tall Hat / Tall Elf Hat, Gift of Horns / Reindeer Horns, Gift of Rudolph / Rudolph’s Hat, Gift of Beard / Santa’s Beard, Gift of Armor / Bell Armor, Gift of Tall Elf Hat / Tall Elf Hat, Gift of Horns / Reindeer Horns, Gift of Horns / Reindeer Horns Colosseum of Arc: Any Level Gift of Scarf or Peppermint Scarf, Gift of Tree or Festival Tree Hat, Gift of Lancer or Festival Lancer
  • Desert Kingdom (level -325) – Drops > Eternal Pose, Karoo Mount, and Karoo Food – Purchaseables >> Eternal Pose, Karoo Mount Purchaseables >> Busoshoku V2 Rough Waters (level 325) – Drops >> Sea Serpent Kraken Sashi Island (level 325) – Purchaseables >> 2 Sword StyleDrops > Musashi’s Hat, Musashi’s Rose Katana, Musashi’s Crimson Katana, Musashi’s Karuta Spirit Island (Any – Level) – Purchaseables >> Kingdom Guard Outfit, Cho’s Crown, Crab Cutlass, P

GPO Land of the Sky Map Locations

  • Purchaseables in Sky Town District 2 (level 105 and below) >> None – Drops is superior than None.
  • Sky Colosseum (at any level) – Items That Can Be Bought >> Potions Drops > None Malcom’s Lair (level -145) – Purchaseables >> Potions Drops > None The Tree (level – 125) – Purchaseables None – Drops > Malcom, Shotgun (5 percent) The Tree (level – 125) – Drops >> Ability to Skypiean Glide Drops > Bruno, Burn Bazooka (5 percent )
  • Purchaseables for Heaven’s Gate (at any level) >> Drops > None – There are no drops.
  • Purchaseables may be found in Golden City (level -155) >>. Kenbunshoku Haki – Drops > Tomoe Drums, Enel, and Golden Staff make up 5 percent of this total (1 percent )
  • When you reach Sky Castle (level 111), you will find that there are no purchaseables and that the only drops are the Head Guardian, Guardian’s Helmet (5 percent), and Skyblue Katana (5 percent )
  • Purchaseables in the Sky Town District 3 (level -135) area >> None – Drops is superior than None.
  • Purchaseables >> Potions Drops >> None in Sky Town District 1 (any level).

GPO Sea of Phoeyu Map Locations

  • Purchaseables >> None >> Drops > Gorilla King, Gorilla King Crown Sphinx Island (Level -60): (5 percent )
  • The following items may be purchased on Coco Island (at any level). Diable Jambe has better drop rates than None Arlong Park (Level -80) offers better purchaseables than None Arlong and Kiribachi have better drop rates than Diable Jambe (5 percent )
  • Purchaseables may be found on Fishman Island (Level 190 and below) >> Fishman Karate – Drops > None Roca Island – Purchaseables >> One-Sword-Style, Katana – Drops > None Fishman Karate – Drops > None Roca Island – Any Level Elo the Bunny is obtainable from None Elo’s Island (Level 260), which contains the following purchaseables and drop rates: None, None, and None. Mini Bunny (five percent), Elo’s Hammer (five percent), Hoodie (five percent to twenty-five percent), Rainbow Halo (five percent), Wonder Balloons (five percent), Star Shades (five percent), and Elo’s Hammer (5 percent )
  • Purchaseables >> None >> Drops > Star Clown, Buggy Cape Orange Town (Level -50) (10 percent )
  • Purchaseables in Shell’s settlement (Level -20) include the galleon, hammer, potion barrels, and barrels. Drops are Logan and the metal jaw (25 percent )
  • Kori Island (Level – 80): Purchaseables >> Busoshoku Haki Drops > None Ryu’s Palace (Level – 210): Purchaseables >> None – Drops > Ryu, Shark Necklace Kori Island (Level – 80): Purchaseables >> Busoshoku Haki – Drops > None (5 percent ) Ryu’s Blade is a weapon used by Ryu (5 percent )
  • The Baratie (Level -40) is a Purchaseable Item >> Colosseum (at any level) – Items That Can Be Bought >> Black Leg – Items That Can Be Dropped >> Mysterious Cliff (any level) – Purchaseables >> None Mysterious Cliff (any level) – Drops >> Rokushiki – Acquired Through Drops > None Marine Base G-1 (Level – 240) – Acquired Through Purchases > There are no drops for Flame Admiral Zeke, the Marine Captain Cape (10 percent), Captain Zhen, Captain Zhen’s Cape (5 percent), or Bisento (1 percent )
  • Purchaseables available in Gravito’s Fort (Level 160) >> Gravito, the Hoverboard (1 percent), Gravito’s Cape (5 percent), and the Gravity Blade (5 percent )
  • Sea’s Best Rough Waters (Level -200) – Available for Purchase >> Drops > Sea Serpent’s Core (1%), Slayer Armor (1%), Seabeast Katana (5%), Slayer Helmet (5%). (1 percent ) Random Fruit (3 percent )
  • Sandora (Level – 10) – Purchaseables >> None Drops > Lucid, Bazooka (25 percent )
  • Purchaseables >> Bubble Drops > None Fishman Cave (at any level) >> Purchaseables >> Neptune’s Throne (at level 230) >> Purchaseables >> Bubble Drops Neptune, Neptune’s Trident (1 percent), and Neptune’s Crown are all better than none (5 percent )
  • Obtainables at Zou (Level -30) > Mink Combat (Electric Fighting Style) > Drops at Zou > Zou Inhabitants > Carrot (50 percent )
  • Purchaseables for the Fishman Colosseum (at any level) >> >> Drops > None – There are no drops.


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