How Tall Are Sundrop Moondrop & Gregory In FNAF Security Breach?

The latest addition to the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise, FNAF Security Breach, has garnered a great deal of praise from critics and fans alike. Those who have followed the series from the beginning have been acquainted with both some new and some returning characters. In the game FNAF Security Breach, you play the role of Gregory, who meets quite a few terrible creatures, including the Sun at the Daycare. One of these terrifying entities is the Daycare. Many people are interested in finding out how tall Sundrop and Moondrop are, in addition to Gregory, in FNAF Security Breach, and we will provide the answer that you have been looking for right here on this page.

How Tall is Sundrop/Moondrop in FNAF Security Breach?

How Tall Are Sundrop Moondrop & Gregory In FNAF Security Breach?

The Moon is the childcare helper known as the Sundrop, who also has a “alter ego” in the form of the Sun. His height might range anywhere from 6 feet to 7 feet (182.88 cm to 213.36 cm), according to estimates. Sundrop wears the garb of a jester or clown, complete with a sun helmet and striped trousers. In addition, Sundrop has very long legs. Because of the slight stoop in his posture, he has the potential to easily reach heights of seven feet while he is standing upright. However, there has been no word from the creators of the game concerning his height as of yet. At this moment, all of this is nothing more than conjecture.

You are aware that turning off the lights will trigger the activation of the Moondrop version. And when that takes place, the moon transforms into a more sinister foe, complete with eerie glowing eyes. Since nothing else about his anatomy changes, Moondrop’s height stays the same, which is somewhere in the range of 6 to 7 feet.

How Tall is Gregory in FNAF Security Breach?

On the basis of his demeanour, level of logical reasoning, and physical characteristics, Gregory’s age may be pegged anywhere between 10 and 12 years. Since he is referred to as a’short boy,’ it is estimated that his height is around 137.16 centimetres (4.5 feet) in total. The devs have not commented on this, so the only thing we can do is speculate along with the rest of the community.

With any luck, this should clear up any confusion you may have had about the stature of Sundrop, Moondrop, and Gregory in FNAF Security Breach. Check out our FNAF SB instructions on Gamer Tweak if you want to discover how to decommission animatronics, all of the possible endings for this game, and the most effective strategies to hide from enemies.

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