How to Dance in Roblox on Computer and Phone

Wondering How to dance in Roblox on computer and phone? Continue reading this guide to learn how to dance and use other remotes in Roblox.

You may wish to have your character dance in Roblox when you are playing the game or developing your own environment there. This might be for fun, or it could be a means to interact with other players. Whatever the motivation may be, having your character dance may help give them a more grounded sense of reality. As a result, we have decided to compile this instruction manual on how to dance in Roblox.

Roblox: How to Dance

In order to dance in Roblox, open the chat by hitting “/” and type the “/e dance” command. This will allow you to dance. You have the option to utilize an emote command in the game that allows you to dance. The game provides players with access to three different dancing emotes by default, which are as follows:

  • “/e dance”
  • “/e dance2”
  • “/e dance3”
How to dance in Roblox on computer and phone

If you are using a custom server to play, there may be more customization options accessible to you. You may receive the emote commands by getting in touch with the administrator. There are a variety of different emote instructions available in Roblox, some of which are comparable to dancing. This is a list of all of the additional emote commands that are available.

  • Wave: “/e wave”
  • Point: “/e point”
  • Cheer: “/e cheer”
  • Laugh: “/e laugh”

To give your character a dance or utilize any other emote command, the only thing you need to do is make sure the chat feature is turned on. You will not be able to utilize emotes if the chat function is deactivated. Also, make sure you remember to prefix every emote command with the “/e” notation. If the chat command is not active, you may activate it by doing one of the following:

  • Signing in to the Roblox website
    Heading to the settings
  • Selecting “Everyone” from the dropdown in the “Who can chat with me?” option

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