How to Make Chromebook Louder

Have you been using your Chromebook to watch movies or listen to music, but you’ve noticed that it’s a little too quiet? Here’s how to get the volume on your Chromebook even louder than it already is. Is the volume on your Chromebook too low to hear? It’s an issue that affects a lot of these laptops, including some of the top Chromebooks on the market right now, like the Asus Flip C302, and it’s rather widespread.

Raise the volume of a Chromebook above its maximum settings in order to solve the problem, which may be done by following these instructions.

How Is Chromebook Volume Boosting Even Possible?

You’re probably curious about how the volume can be turned up even higher, right? To be honest, everything boils down to the software.

The volume coming from the speakers may not accurately reflect the actual level. However, the fact that they are capable of increasing their volume does not guarantee that they will keep their high audio quality. When a firm manufactures a laptop, it tests the speakers to see how loud they can go while maintaining a consistent pitch, and then it sets the maximum volume at that level.

In this tutorial, we will walk you through the process of installing software tools that command the computer to go beyond that volume. This indicates that you will probably detect a decline in the quality of the audio, which will often manifest itself as crackling and distortion.

Caution is advised since exceeding the maximum level on certain speakers might cause harm to the device. It is recommended that you make seldom use of these tools.

Note: Regrettably, even though your Chromebook is capable of running Android applications, the top Android apps

How to Boost Volume in Chrome Browser

On a Chromebook, most of your time is spent in the Chrome browser. If the volume of a YouTube clip or your favorite podcast is too low, there’s an easy extension to boost that, called Ears.

Ears is a web-based equaliser that may be used with any website that is currently open in Google Chrome. Ears has the ability to increase the volume so long as the website is still playing audio. Although there are various extensions that are capable of doing this, I have discovered that Ears is the most useful one since it includes a straightforward volume bar on the left. When you begin, it will be at the maximum setting that was previously set for your machine. To turn the volume up, click and drag the slider to the right.

When you pull the volume booster higher, you will hear an increase in the amount of distortion. If people’s voices start to crack or the bass thud starts to sound more harsh than it does deep, you should probably cease what you’re doing. These are clear indications that the speakers are being pushed beyond what is physically possible for them.

Ears is, of course, also an equalisation app, which means that you may amplify certain frequencies as well. If hearing people’s voices is the primary challenge you have, boosting the volume of just the relevant frequencies may help. In most cases, it would be anywhere between the 80th and 160th or 320th marks on the EQ dashboard.

Download: Ears: Bass Boost, EQ Any Audio for Chrome (Free)

How to Boost Volume on Chromebook for Videos

If you’ve downloaded a movie to watch when you don’t have internet access, the only way to increase the volume is to utilise one of the applications on your device.

Put the built-in video player in Chrome out of your mind. You will need Android app downloads in order to use Chrome. VLC and MX Player have been the programmes that have provided me with the most reliable results so far.

VLC: Good for Boosting and Equalizing, But Complicated

How to Make Chromebook Louder

VLC is one of our tried-and-true favourites, and it can play almost every file format imaginable. It is one of the most useful desktop applications that are compatible with Android (and Chrome). On the other hand, the option to increase the audio is rather buried.

Increasing the loudness of any file using VLC for Android may be accomplished as follows:

  • Click anywhere on the screen after the video has started to play to bring up the playback bar.
  • Click the Options button located in the playback bar (the three-dot icon).
  • This triggers the appearance of a little black window superimposed over the video. To access the Equalizer, choose the icon that resembles three lines with buttons above them.
  • You have now arrived to the equalisation section of VLC, where you may raise the volume. The volume metre appears as a horizontal bar at the very top of the screen; drag it to the right to increase the volume.
  • You have the option of using the equalisation instead of the general volume increase, much like you do with EQ. Try switching to the “Live” setting for the majority of the movies you watch. This should provide you a noticeable boost in volume without putting undue strain on your speakers.

MX Player: Good for Easy Boosting [No Longer Available]

It’s possible that MX Player is the most comprehensive video player available for Android. The ease with which it increases volume above the maximum allowed is what the vast majority of people would seek for.

When you wish to increase the volume of any video file that you have loaded into MX Player, swipe up and down on the touchscreen, or use two fingers to slide up and down on the trackpad. Because MX Player allows you to increase the volume to double what it is now capable of, using it is the simplest approach to get the task done.

Take note that the volume boost feature in MX Player is already on by default. However, in the event that it does not function, make sure that the box labelled “Volume Boost” is checked off in the Menu > Tools > Settings > Audio menu.

How to Boost Volume on Chromebook for Music

When listening to music on a Chromebook, you will almost always do it via the use of an online music streaming service. In such a scenario, you always have the option to increase the volume by making use of the Ears extension, as was explained before.

But there are applications that may assist you if you want to listen to music without an internet connection or if you have no other option (like when you’re on a plane and need to plug in your headphones).

Downloading Enjoy Music Player is something we urge Chromebook desktop users do if they want to satisfy all of their musical requirements. Additionally, Enjoy has its own own equalisation with an integrated volume booster.

  • To adjust the equalisation, press the button.
  • To activate it, just click the toggle switch (it should turn blue).
  • To increase the volume, you may do this by clicking and dragging the Preamp button upward.

Download: Enjoy Music Player for Chrome (Free)

Get a Bluetooth Speaker for Your Chromebook

All of these techniques will artificially increase the volume of your Chromebook past its maximum level; however, as I said at the beginning of this article, you should only use these techniques very seldom. Excessive use of that artificial boost might result in permanent harm to your speakers.

If the volume on your Chromebook is extremely low and you use it often for media, it is in your best interest to pick up a set of nice Bluetooth speakers that are within your price range.

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