How to Play Pokemon on iPhone for Free

Here’s how to play Pokémon on an iPhone or iPad using the greatest emulators for iOS, as well as recent Pokémon releases.

The Pokémon Company has developed some of the most popular games to ever grace the gaming market. These historic games stretch back to 1996 and have molded many of our childhoods. But you don’t have to quit playing Pokémon just because you don’t possess a Game Boy anymore.

In truth, there are many of ways to play Pokémon on your iPhone, whether you’re seeking for the newest iOS games or classic experiences like Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue.

We’ll explain all your choices below—emulators, web applications, and App Store games—so you’ll be able to catch ’em all in no time.

Emulate Classic Pokémon Games on Your iPhone

An emulator is the ideal method to play older Pokémon games on your iPhone, and you can get one by downloading and installing it. This kind of software simulates a computer system in a manner similar to that of an older video game console.

If you have the appropriate emulator, you can play games designed for the Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, and Nintendo DS on your iPhone. Your iPhone does not typically have the processing power necessary to imitate more recent consoles, such as the Nintendo Switch. This is due to the limitations of iOS.

How to Install an Emulator on Your iPhone

Regrettably, Apple does not let emulators to be sold via the App Store. However, if you want to install an emulator on your iPhone, you may choose from a wide variety of different installation options. In addition, none of them need you to have previously jailbroken your iPhone.

Even if Apple does not approve of it, the majority of emulators are open source, which means that it is free and legal to use them. This indicates that you are able to install them outside of the App Store by making use of business certificates or building them as your own applications.

The emulators Delta, iNDS, and Eclipse are your best bets for playing Pokémon on an iOS device. You may play Pokémon games on any of the following consoles if you have any of these free add-ons, which are all compatible with one another:

  • Game Boy / Game Boy Color
  • Game Boy Advance
  • Nintendo 64
  • Nintendo DS
How to Play Pokemon on iphone for Free

Where to Get Pokémon ROMs for Your iPhone

You will still need to have a software version of the game you want to play on your iPhone even after you have installed an emulator on it. Those are referred to as ROMs. The usage of emulators is not only permitted but also free, however ROMs provide more of a challenge.

If you already legally possess a game, there are several circumstances in which you are permitted to generate your own ROM version of that game for the sake of backup. Nevertheless, a previous edition of Nintendo’s legal FAQ indicated that even this kind of archival usage is prohibited by the company. Having said that, the aforementioned notice has been removed from Nintendo’s website, which is encouraging.

Because of the existence of copy protection for video games, it is against the law for you to provide ROMs to other people, regardless of how you came into possession of them.

Play Pokémon in Safari With Game Play Color

Use a web-based emulator instead of installing an emulator on your iPhone if the process of installing an emulator on your iPhone seems too hard to you. The greatest choice in this regard is to use Game Play Color.

You will still need to download ROMs in order to play any of the Pokémon games you want. To get that emulator operating on your iPhone, though, you won’t have to jump through as many hoops as you would normally have to.

Game Play Color is the easiest and fastest method to begin playing Pokémon on your iPhone, but it does come with a few limitations:

  • When you switch applications, the emulator may be forced to restart.
  • You are only able to play games designed for the Game Boy or Game Boy Color.
  • Because Game Play Color does not allow save states, you will need to save your games to the ROM file rather than the cartridge, just as you would if you were playing a physical copy of the game.

If none of those drawbacks sound like a deal-breaker, here’s how to get set up:

  • Download whatever ROMs you want to play and save them to Google Drive.
  • Open Safari on your iPhone and load the Game Play Color website.
  • Tap the Play Now button, followed by the Share button, and finally choose the Add to Home Screen option.
  • On your device’s Home Screen, you should now see an icon for the Game Play app.
  • After starting the Game Play app, login in to your Google Drive account. In order to sync your account, you will need to copy the access code that it provides to you.
  • The ROMs that are compatible with your device are shown on the screen once Game Play searches your Google Drive for them. Simply tapping on the game you wish to play will start it.

Pokémon Games on the App Store

The vast majority of you are probably interested in playing older versions of the Pokémon games listed above. However, we also wanted to take a minute to recognize some of the other Pokémon games that are available for direct download from the iOS App Store.

Pokémon GO

2016 was the year when Pokémon GO made its debut, instantly capturing the attention of the public and rekindling a passion for the Pokémon series all over the globe.

The game is an augmented reality app that makes use of the camera on your iPhone to enable you to locate Pokémon in their natural habitats. You have the opportunity to combat grunts from Team Rocket, engage in gym battles, and amass a collection of more than 700 Pokémon.

The greatest part, though, is that Pokémon GO encourages you to go outdoors and investigate your immediate environment in order to find the most valuable Pokémon.

Pokémon Masters EX

This Pokémon video game takes the traditional gameplay of the Pokémon franchise in a new direction by having players capture Pokémon trainers rather than the creatures themselves. You get a taste of both of them due to the fact that each trainer is already associated with a certain Pokémon.

The traditional Pokémon games are more linear in nature, but Pokémon Masters is structured as a series of interconnected episodes that must be played through in order. Because of this, picking it up and putting it down is simple, but it does not have the same feeling of adventure that you are probably used to getting from Pokémon games.

Pokémon Quest

This Pokémon game takes the form of a cube, and it challenges players to construct the greatest possible team by thoughtfully selecting the most effective attacks and abilities to fill out their roster. Even though it’s a different kind of gameplay from what you’re probably accustomed to with Pokémon, the fact that it’s still very addicting doesn’t change that.

Try to capture all 150 of the original Pokémon while also collecting a variety of goods to adorn your base camp with. It is not difficult to spend a significant amount of time playing this game.

Mix Up Your Gaming With Some Pokémon Challenges

You should now be familiar with how to play Pokémon on your iPhone. Your iOS device may provide you with a great deal of entertainment in a variety of forms, including the installation of an emulator or the playing of a recent Pokémon game.

It’s likely already common knowledge that none of the Pokémon games are very challenging to complete. The majority of the fun comes from venturing out into the environment and finding new critters to add to your collection of allies. But if you think that won’t be enough to keep people interested, you can always throw in a challenge to make things more exciting.

Of course, we are all aware that the most difficult task is to capture each and every Pokémon. But are you familiar with the Monotype challenge or the Nuzlocke challenge? There are a wide variety of fascinating Pokémon tasks that you may set for yourself in order to demonstrate your command of the original games. Each new difficulty will force you to adapt your gameplay and will provide a whole new dimension of excitement.

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