Insignia Fire TV Black Screen with Sound (fixed)

Having problems with Insignia Fire Edition televisions presenting a Black Screen with sound? Having trouble figuring out why your Insignia Fire TV has a blank screen? If this is the case, don’t be alarmed; this is a typical problem with Insignia TVs that are Fire TV editions. You are not alone if you have had the same problem with your Insignia Fire TV. It is a typical problem when your Insignia Fire TV has sound but no image. I’ll explain why this occurs and how to correct the situation at home.

We instantly attribute the Insignia Fire TV’s lighting malfunction to a hardware failure; however, this is not always the case, and there is still a significant likelihood that it was caused by a small software bug or an internal settings dispute. When the Insignia Fire TV displays a black or blank screen but still produces sound, it is most likely due to a problem with the HDMI connection or a conflict between the internal settings. To resolve this, you need do a hard reset on your television and double-check the cords.

It typically resolves the problem and allows you to resume using your television; but, there are situations when we are unable to resolve the problem fully, which is why I have developed this thorough tutorial to make the procedure simpler.

Why My Insignia Fire TV Has Sound But No Picture?

When the background flashes and then blacks out on the Insignia Fire TV, the audio is still audible, but the video is not.

A software conflict and a damaged HDMI connection are the most common reasons, however we cannot rule out the chance of an internal display power supply failure, which is very unusual in this case.

insignia fire tv black screen with sound (fixed)

A catastrophic power outage that affects the internal power board of the television is the only way for the hardware failure to occur.

However, as unlikely as it may seem, it is incredibly unusual to come across such a situation. Fortunately, the following guidance may assist you in determining whether or not this is the case.

How To Fix Black Screen With Sound on Insignia Fire TV Edition?

I created this step-by-step tutorial to assist you in determining the source of the problem and correcting it.

When I encountered this problem with my Insignia Fire TV model, I originally tried hit and trial with no result, and then called support and explored forums until I was able to resolve the problem. Eventually, I was successful.

  • Check and Replug Cables Correctly
  • Power Cycle
  • Factory Reset

Check and Replug Cables Correctly

It is critical to ensure that your connections are not loosely attached or damaged; otherwise, they will not be able to transmit enough signals to allow your computer to work effectively. This includes HDMI cables if you use them, as well as your main power cable. This normally results in a completely blank, distorted, orĀ flickering screen.

As a result, before we can rule out the potential of this happening, we must first detach all of the cords. After that, all you’ll have to do is reconnect them as firmly as possible. Not only that, but you should examine the whole cable and both ends to make sure there are no flaws or problems before plugging them back in.

Power Cycle

When dealing with situations such as these, it is critical to take this step, despite the fact that it seems to be a bit too basic to be helpful. Despite the fact that you may have previously done so, restart your device nevertheless. In general, rebooting your smartphone is a terrific method to give it a much-needed break from its activities.

After unplugging and turning off the television, reconnect the power cord to the main socket and wait 4-5 minutes before plugging it back in. Due to the fact that the power cycle will clear any temporary settings that might be generating conflict and resulting in the display of Blank Screen on Insignia TV, this may be the solution to your Blank screen problem.

Factory Reset

If the Insignia Fire TV encounters a problem with its software or internal settings, it may display a Black Screen with no image but sound. In order to rule out a software or firmware issue, you must do a Factory Reset on the device. This is the most typical method of resolving any issues with the TV, and it is also the one advised by the official Amazon customer service. Make certain, however, that you have carefully followed all of the stages leading up to this point.

Recall that factory resetting your smartphone will delete all downloaded material, including in-app purchases from your device. If you’re wondering how to pick an option on a blank screen, don’t be concerned; all you have to do is follow the instructions and the choice will be selected for you automatically within a few seconds. Make certain that you follow the instructions exactly, and the television will resume. If it is unable to restart, this indicates that something was missing throughout the procedure. Continue to try till it restarts.

Video Guide

Wrapping It Up

For the vast majority of cases, following the procedures outlined above will address the problem when your Insignia TV has sound but no image or a black screen. Even if you have followed all of the troubleshooting methods to the letter and the problem remains, it is most likely due to a more serious problem with the power supply. If this is the case, there may be a problem with the backlit sensors.

If you have a problem with your Insignia Fire TV, you will either need to contact customer service or you will need to have your TV thoroughly inspected.

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