PS5 Restock Twitter Tracker Wario64 Told to Watch the Super Bowl; Replied You Dont Have to Follow Me

Despite the fact that the Super Bowl was going on, Wario64, a well-known updater on Twitter who posts information on PS5 restocks and Xbox Series X restocks, continued to share information about fantastic offers that followers may purchase. While he was updating his Twitter profile with the latest Buy 2 Get 1 free discounts from Amazon, he was confronted with a message encouraging him to watch the Super Bowl instead.

Wario64: PS5 restock 2021 notification

Twitter user @antfye Tweeted to Wario64 telling the account to relax and that Wario64 does not have to post anything and just watch the Super Bowl. Wario64 then replied with “and you don’t have to follow me.” Another comment then reacted to Ant telling Wario64 to relax saying that most probably, that person was new to the whole Wario64 experience.

On several occasions, Wario64 has been featured on Reddit forums and in other articles that are designed to assist users who are looking for the PS5 restock update notifications or the Xbox Series X restock update notifications but do not want to pay for premium services. Wario uses its Twitter account to not only notify followers on the availability of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox One Series X, but also on the latest games and other promotions.

PS5 restock update for free

If you want to be the first to know whenever there is a PS5 replenishment happening anyplace online, you can follow Wario64 on Twitter and enable alerts. This is one of the most efficient ways to obtain free notifications. This manner, anytime Wario64 tweets, a notice will appear on the user’s phone, which will then enable the user to quickly act and make an order before there is no more stock available.

Although the PS5 was first released in November of 2020, it is now very difficult to get one online since the PS5 online supply consistently sells out. The majority of the choices that are now accessible to players for purchasing a PlayStation 5 include purchasing the system through a third-party reseller. These resellers may sell the console for twice or even three times the original price.

Xbox Series X restock update and PS5 restock update

This has been an issue that even Sony themselves have recognized, and it is possible that there may be a change in the availability of PS5 replenishment online in 2021; however, this is something that is currently unknown. Because there is such a high demand for next-generation consoles, prospective purchasers may only act as quickly as they are able to whenever they get alerts from Wario64 or other online tools that can aid inform when a certain product is available on a particular website.

The most recent Xbox Series X restock notification that Wario64 posted on Twitter was dated February 6, and it stated that there was available stock at Sam’s club. The tweet also included a link that went directly to the website’s page, where interested buyers could have easily checked out the product. Wario64 gave his fans on Twitter an hour’s head start to prepare ready to purchase the next-generation system with his most recent PS5 replenishment report, which he tweeted on February 5 and shared through Twitter.

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