Top 6 Best Sword Enchantments in Minecraft

The world of Minecraft is filled with wonderful tools, and you have the ability to imbue each tool with special enchantments that serve a particular function. If you want to improve the overall performance of your Minecraft games, having enchanted tools, gear, and weapons will be essential. This is also true when it comes to wielding swords in Minecraft.

In Minecraft, you may equip your sword with a wide variety of enchantments, however the following are the top six enchantments for a sword in Minecraft:

  • Sharpness
  • Sweeping Edge
  • Looting
  • Unbreaking
  • Mending
  • Fire Aspect

It is important to keep in mind that each of these enchantments for the blade has a unique function. When there are so many incredible perks and advantages to choose from, it may be difficult to choose which is the best option. Stay here and I’ll tell you everything about the greatest sword enchantments in Minecraft, including the benefits and drawbacks of each one, as well as how you may get them.

How Many Enchantments Can a Sword Have?

Although a sword may only have a certain amount of enchantments at one time, you can put any combination of those enchantments to work for a variety of different things. These enchantments are designed to make a sword more effective, sturdy, and long-lasting; indeed, it is their primary goal.

Each player may have a unique playing style and preferences on how they want to interact with the game, thus it is up to the players to pick the enchantment or group of enchantments that works best for them. However, due to the fact that some of the enchantments for your blade may not be compatible with one another, you will not be able to employ all of them at the same time.

For instance, it is not possible to combine the Sharpness enchantment with the Smite enchantment or the Sweeping edge enchantment with the Sharpness enchantment. In spite of this, there is a significant amount of potential for the development of an enchanted sword that is astonishingly strong and effective for usage in your Minecraft world.

What Materials Do You Need to Enchant a Sword?

The actual procedure of casting an enchantment is not very complicated, despite the fact that locating certain enchantments might be rather challenging. In order to enchant a sword in Minecraft, players will only need a few objects that are considered necessary or basic as well as a few items that are of a higher grade.

Top 6 Best Sword Enchantments in Minecraft

It is necessary to have the following objects in your inventory in order to enchant a sword in Minecraft with the particular enchantment that you select:

  • Enchantment table
  • Obsidians 
  • Diamonds
  • Books
  • Bookshelves
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Stick

6 Best Sword Enchantments In Minecraft

Each instrument has its own unique set of prerequisites and enchantments. Because of this, you won’t be able to apply the identical enchantments to each of your tools. For instance, you are unable to utilise Sharpness on a few different instruments and things (e.g. armour and bow).

You will need to accumulate the maximum amount of experience points before attempting to acquire any of these incredible enchantments. You will get experience points if you engage in activities such as trading, slaying monsters, smelting iron, and cooking meals. Once you have accumulated enough XP points, you will be able to continue the process of enchanting your weapon.

The following is a review of the most powerful sword enchantments in Minecraft, including their highest possible upgrade level and a discussion of their advantages and disadvantages:

Let’s get to know more about these enchantments and how they can prove beneficial to you in the vast world of Minecraft.

1. Sharpness V

The world of Minecraft is crawling with monsters, zombies, and a variety of other bizarre creatures. To be able to battle to the very end, it would be beneficial for you to have one of these enchantments cast upon your blade. One of these types of sword enchantments is called Sharpness, and it gives the user the ability to dramatically boost the amount of damage that their blade does.

Damage dealt to foes and monsters will be boosted according to the level of the enchantment’s current level. Because it is possible to reach level 5, the greatest level of Sharpness is called Sharpness V, and the effects it has on the enemies you will face are going to be very terrible.

Not only is it destructive, but it is also efficient, as it adds an extra 1.25 damage to your sword, making it much more powerful at the greatest level. Additionally, it has a high degree of destruction. When applied to an anvil, this enchantment raises the item’s damage potential by 1.25 times. The lack of the anvil, on the other hand, causes the damage level to drop by up to 0.625 points every level.

It is a fantastic choice for any player who often engages in combat with hostile enemies in Minecraft, and it will significantly boost the total rate of enemy encounters. The Bane of Arthropods and Smite enchantments, on the other hand, are incompatible with this one and cannot be used together.

How To Get Sharpness V Enchantment

To gain Sharpness, you need to have an enchanted book. And for this, you will need to acquire the following items:

Open up the crafting table and place your enchanted book on it after you have created or mined an enchantment book. Next, from your inventory, choose the Sharpness item, and enchant your sword with the Sharpness attribute. The following is another command that players may use to enchant their items:

/enchant five-pointed-star sharpness/ (number varies based on enchantment level)

2. Sweeping Edge III

In Minecraft, equipping the enchantment known as Sweeping Edge will cause sweep strikes to do more damage. It will typically enhance your sword so that it can perform sweep attacks more effectively, and it will also be of great assistance to you when you are on your own.

The single negative of this enchantment is that it cannot be used when manoeuvring around foes. This is the only limitation of this enchantment. In addition to the fact that it can only be used in the Minecraft Java Edition at this point, this is perhaps one of the most important drawbacks associated with this enchantment.

However, if your sword is outfitted with the Sweeping Edge, you will be able to defend yourself from the dangerous creatures in a far more effective manner. This will be possible since the Sweeping Edge will allow you to do damage to several opponents all at once. This enchantment will, in the end, result in a greater amount of damage being done by your weapon.

How to Get Sweeping Edge III Enchantment

You will need an enchanting book that has all of the necessary enchantments in order to acquire this enchantment. In order to get this enchantment book, you will need to travel around the Minecraft universe.

Once you acquire it, you may utilise the crafting table to get the Sweeping edge III upgrade for your sword. The following is another command that players may use to enchant their items:

/enchant @p sweeping 3 (number varies based on enchantment level)

3. Looting III

Because it enhances the quantity of loot that is dropped by a monster when it is slain, this enchantment’s primary objective is to maximise the amount of loot that may be obtained by killing creatures found outdoors. If you have a sword that has been charmed with the Looting III enchantment, the gameplay will be improved for you since you will get more things in the loot anytime you kill any monsters.

You will be able to get a greater quantity of items by killing monsters, mobs, and even animals with the assistance of Looting III. For instance, if you want to get leather or flesh, you need to go slaughter the cow. In most cases, you will get one or two drops if Looting III is not used. On the other hand, using Looting III will allow you to get three or four drops much more rapidly.

On the other hand, using Looting III to quickly gather a large number of ender pearls is not an efficient use of your time. You may only get between three and four ender pearls at a time. It just raises the total quantity of things dropped, and does not improve the chances of dropping better stuff.

How to Get Looting III Enchantment

In order to use this enchantment, you must first have books in your inventory. To enchant a book, open the crafting table in your library. If you keep playing the game, the Looting enchantment will be added on your blade at some point in the future.

When you use the books in conjunction with the Looting enchantment, you may raise your sword’s level of looting to III. It is also possible to get it by constructing a farm for a villager. The following is another command that players may use to enchant their items:

/enchant @p looting 3 (number varies based on enchantment level)

4. Unbreaking III

This enchantment is highly recommended for you as it will significantly improve the amount of time your blade will be effective in combat. If you use your sword often in Minecraft, you should definitely equip it with this enchantment. This is particularly important to do if your sword is composed of top-tier materials, which might be difficult to get.

The Unbreaking enchantment will, as its name suggests, make your blade far more resilient and long-lasting than it would otherwise be. It reduces the likelihood that the item’s durability will be compromised when it is used, which is the cause of the impact that it has.

As a result of the fact that you may make several uses of a sword that has been charmed with Unbreaking III, this enchantment can be considered a universal one that works well with almost any design or playstyle in Minecraft. In spite of this fact, you are unable to apply this enchantment in conjunction with the vast majority of the other available enchantments.

How to Get Unbreaking III Enchantment

The process of obtaining Unbreaking III is not nearly as difficult as one would believe, but it does require that you go through the following steps:

  • It is necessary for you to construct a villager trading farm. Now proceed to constantly interrupt yourself and change your lectern. Continue doing what you need to in order to achieve the enchantment you want. After a certain amount of time has passed, Unbreaking III will become available in your inventory. You have the ability to bestow unbreaking III onto your blade.
  • You may need to fish with a fishing rod in order to locate an enchanted book in order to complete this enchantment.
  • It’s also possible to look inside a chest and locate it inside.
  • The following is another command that players may use to enchant their items:

/enchant @p unbreaking 3 (number varies based on enchantment level)

5. Mending

In Minecraft, a sword with the mending enchantment is very valuable due to its rarity. It assists you in repairing damage to your blade as well as increasing its overall durability. Keep in mind that acquiring this enchantment will not be an easy task for you.

With this enchantment, the pace at which your sword may be repaired will about double. Using enchanted books is one technique to get it, and it’s worth looking into if you want to gain it with the least amount of work possible.

To do this, you will need to engage in business with the locals, which will take a significant amount of your time. However, the use of this enchantment will cost you a certain amount of experience points.

How to Get Mending Enchantment

You can get the Mending enchantment from the following Minecraft activities and items:

  • Enchanted books
  • Trading
  • Chest loot
  • Fishing
  • Raids

Players can also use the following command to enchant:

/enchant @p mending 1 (only one enchantment level)

6. Fire Aspect II

Because it sets your foes on fire, which does more damage over time, a sword that has been charmed with the Fire Aspect II enchantment deals far more damage than a standard blade would. This enchantment may be used on any and all sorts of swords, including those made of iron, wood, stone, diamond, Netherite, and gold.

Through the use of Fire Aspect II, you are able to quickly put an end to the lives of your foes. Your sword’s level determines the proportion of damage it does, and as it rises in level, that percentage will rise as well. If you want to single out your enemies and burn them ablaze, you may use this enchantment to do it. In addition, if you have this enchantment, there is no need for you to prepare your meal by cooking it.

The most significant drawback of the Fire Aspect is that it does not have the same degree of longevity as the Unbreaking and Mending aspects, and its influence will eventually become ineffective. The fact that it is compatible with the various sword enchantments that Minecraft has to offer is, nevertheless, a significant benefit of using this item.

How to Get Fire Aspect II Enchantment

In order to get Fire Aspect II, you will need 17 bookcases. You also have the option to imbue your diamond blade with the Fire Aspect II enchantment.

To do this, you will need to have the following:

Players can also use the following command to enchant:

/enchant @p fire_aspect 2 (number varies based on enchantment level)

What Is the Best Enchantment Combo for a Sword in Minecraft?

The power and effectiveness of a sword are both improved by its enchantments. The majority of players make use of these enchantments during combat to better defend their comrades and engage in more fruitful conflict with their foes. However, the optimal mix of enchantments increases its effectiveness to an even greater extent.

The best combination for your sword in Minecraft is:

Best Enchantments for Netherite Sword

In Minecraft, one of the most useful enchantments is called “Mending,” and the reason for this is because it increases the item’s overall durability. However, in the absence of experience points, it does not function properly when applied to Netherite swords. The following are some of the greatest enchantments that may be placed on a Netherite sword:

In Minecraft, acquiring a fantastic enchantment for your sword might need a significant amount of time, work, and consistent grinding to accomplish. However, given the great impacts and benefits that these enchantments bestow upon players, spending money on them is absolutely justified.

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