Using Discord on PS5 What are the Best Options

The vast majority of gamers agree that Discord is an excellent program for carrying on conversations, exchanging messages, and staying in contact with other players. Aside from that, it is the most convenient method to connect with people and may be of great assistance while carrying out regular activities. If you’ve just bought a PlayStation 5, you may be curious about whether or not you can use the communication app Discord on your brand-new gaming system to discuss your gaming experiences with your friends.

There is currently no method to make direct use of Discord while gaming on the PlayStation 5, since the console does not support it yet. However, you may get access to Discord either by including a link to the website of the platform in one of your PlayStation Party conversations or by creating a cross-platform experience on your own computer by connecting a USB headset to your computer.

PlayStation has developed its own own PlayStation Party Chat as an alternative to depending on third-party applications such as Discord in order to keep its users actively engaged and connected inside the PlayStation Ecosystem. However, despite the fact that the Party Chat offers fantastic tools for maintaining engagement with one’s gaming companions, the majority of users prefer Discord due to the fact that it has been around for a longer period of time and has demonstrated its superiority in the realm of online chatting and entertainment.

What Is Discord?

Using discord on ps5 what are the best options

A chat program like TeamSpeak or Skype, as well as more specialized messaging platforms like Slack, are some of the ways in which Discord is comparable to other messaging platforms. Discord is a platform that was developed specifically for users that play video games and allows them the ability to interact with one another, plan games, and chat while they are playing.

Users are able to connect with one another via a number of different channels on Discord, including video conferencing, voice chat, and text messaging. When you want to play games on your own computer, you could discover that using Discord is really handy. This program makes speaking with your friends a breeze, and it also has search options that assist you in locating new individuals to add to your friend’s list so that you can get in touch with them quickly.

In addition to the ability to communicate with one another while gaming, a lot of people use Discord as a tool for organizing and socializing with other people. Because of its extensive feature set, users have begun use Discord as a semi-public community platform in the manner of a forum. It is possible for a group of players who are all working toward the same objective, such as fans of a particular game or development studio, to create or join “servers” that are either public or private. Servers are places where a large number of people congregate to have fun and engage in voice, text, or video chat.

Can You Install Discord on PS5?

Because it is not currently supported by the PlayStation 5 platform, you are unable to use Discord on your console at this time. Players who were using a PS4 may do their text chatting via the app by using the web browser that included with the console. On the other hand, the PS5 does not have a browser of this kind, and as a result, it is unable to run the software in the same manner.

Discord can be used on the Xbox Series X, which is the primary competitor to the PlayStation 5, although it can only be used for messaging services. There is a problem with the voice chat option on the actual console.

Since Discord is growing in popularity, PlayStation is expected to partner with the platform in the coming months, as we discuss below. You may, however, continue to use Discord on your PS5 by taking use of the many workarounds that are currently available.

How to Use Discord on PS5

The two approaches for using Discord on PS5 are as follows:

Through the Text Message Feature

You may use Discord by using the built-in messaging capabilities; the PlayStation Party application will transport you to a website if you click on one of the URLs that is provided inside your conversations. Proceed with getting started by doing the following steps:

  • Set up your PlayStation system using the PlayStation Party program.
  • After it has been activated, go over to the chat of any buddy and send them a message with the link to in your chatbox.
  • If you click on the link, you will be sent to the official website for the Discord service.
  • Instead of installing Discord, you are going to utilize the online version of the program.
  • After logging into your account on Discord, you will be able to begin playing games while concurrently maintaining communication with your friends.

One of the major methods to utilize Discord while you’re on your PS5 is the approach I just described. There is yet another choice available to you in the event that you do not find it appealing.

Through a USB Headset

The following is an in-depth tutorial that will walk you through using a USB headset with your PlayStation 5 (PS5) to access Discord. You will need a MixAmp, such as the ASTRO Gaming MixAmp Pro (available on Amazon), in addition to a headset that has a suitable USB connection and an optical cable in order to use this approach. As part of your cross-platform experience, you will be using both your personal computer and your PlayStation 5 system.

If you wish to use the voice chat feature on Discord on your PlayStation 5, you may do so by following the instructions below.

  • When connecting your PS5 and MixAmp, be sure you use an optical cable.
  • Go to the Settings menu, then choose Sound and Screen from the menu, and then locate the Audio Output Settings option.
  • Make sure that the main output port is set to digital/optical out.
  • During the time when Discord is running in the background, connect one end of the USB connection to your computer and the other end to your PlayStation 5 (PS5).
  • You may choose your MixAmp by launching the Discord software on your own computer, then navigating to Settings > Voice Settings > Input Devices.
  • After that, connect the MixAmp to the audio jack on the computer by making use of a 3.5 mm connection.
  • If you go into the Voice Settings of Discord and change the output device to the default speakers, then MixAmp will be selected for you automatically.
  • Connect your headphones to MixAmp and do a thorough check to ensure that everything is functioning as it should. Next, launch Discord and get started.

Discord and Sony Plan an Official Integration for Early 2022

At the beginning of this year, Sony made it public that they had entered into a collaboration with the online chat service Discord and that they want to integrate the service into PlayStation consoles as well as the experiences they provide.

According to a post on the Sony Interactive Entertainment site, a significant amount of preparation work has already begun for this cooperation. This suggests that your social experiences on Discord may soon be connected to your gaming experiences on PlayStation Network.

This integration is slated to take place at the beginning of 2022, at which point the systems and services, which will include access to friends, communities, and groups, will be available on mobile devices as well as consoles.

The team-based video games League of Legends, Fortnite, and Overwatch are all played on Discord by millions of players, who congregate on the platform’s group chat software to communicate with one another. They claim around 140 million monthly active users, and in the year 2020, they had a spike in the number of users.

The income generated by the platform for group chat climbed by 189 percent in comparison to the previous year in 2020. According to Safe Betting Bites, throughout the course of the previous year, it brought in as much as $130 million in income.

Why Is Sony Partnering With Discord?

It should come as no surprise that Sony sees Discord, a well-known in-game communication and planning tool, as having a great deal of potential.

According to the press release, Sony Interactive Entertainment has participated in “part of Discord’s Series H funding” by making a minority investment in the company Discord. The following is a statement made by Sony on the partnership:

In order to achieve its goals, PlayStation must, among other things, promote collaborative gaming and the sharing of experiences. Simplifying the process of playing multiplayer games on the PlayStation encourages existing users to warmly welcome newcomers to the ecosystem, which ultimately results in more revenue for Sony.

This new development comes just a few weeks after talks with Microsoft about a possible acquisition came to a close, and it will offer considerable improvements to PlayStation’s social experience. Players who own a PlayStation console or a smartphone will soon be able to take use of an updated Discord connection on either device.

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