Why Are Samsung TVs So Expensive?

You are most likely acquainted with Samsung and are aware that it is a high-quality yet pricey product. You have your eye on a certain brand for your new television, but you are hesitant to purchase one since it seems like daylight robbery to you!

Before making a decision on whether or not to purchase a Samsung television, it is important to understand why they are so expensive.

Reasons Why Are Samsung TVs So Expensive?

Samsung is a well-known brand in the technology business that is recognized across the world. Known for incorporating cutting-edge technology, the company’s television range has earned a reputation for staying on the leading edge of the industry. Since of Samsung TVs’ unblemished reputation, more people are considering purchasing one of these gadgets, but many are hesitant because they are quite expensive.

So, what is it about Samsung TVs that makes them so expensive? Five factors contribute to its high price tag: their size, the materials utilized, the picture quality, the sound quality, and the intelligent features.


A large part of the reason why Samsung televisions are so expensive is due to their size — the larger the television, the more expensive it may be! Given that Samsung is a premium brand, it is able to provide a greater selection of larger-screen televisions when compared to its more cost rivals.

In general, the larger your Samsung TV is, the more costly its components, such as its screen, may be since it must be able to handle the demands of a greater viewing area, and therefore, it must be more durable.

Samsung’s 2021 The Wall TV, which has a screen as large as 1,000 inches, has the distinction of being the largest screen in the electronics sector to date. In addition to having an 8K resolution, it has a refresh rate of 120Hz and a peak brightness of 1,600 nits. The whopping magnitude must be resulting in a significant financial outlay!

Materials Used

As a high-end brand, Samsung is well-known for employing only the highest-quality materials in all of their TVs, which are also well-known for being quite pricey. Of course, outstanding quality should go hand in hand with a fantastic price.

From the outside of a Samsung TV, you can see that it is constructed of high-quality components that are anticipated to last longer than those found in cheaper models. These components are designed to withstand adverse conditions while ensuring that the gadget continues to operate as intended.

Image Quality

One of the most significant advantages of Samsung televisions is their exceptional picture quality or resolution. Today, the majority of them have 4k and 8k resolutions, which produce images that are crystal clear and have vibrant colors.

Samsung QLED TVs are also brighter and more accurate in terms of color, according to the company. Samsung TVs are equipped with High Dynamic Range (HDR), which allows them to show more than a billion colors.

Sound Quality

Samsung TVs are known for having more speakers and a higher volume, which is appropriate for a high-priced screen. When compared to cheaper manufacturers, these speakers might be built-in and produce sounds that are richer and more clear.

Samsung televisions are renowned for producing a more distinct sound, which is why they have introduced the Ultra Audio range. It is possible to choose the ideal item from this range that will not only satisfy your eyes but will also please your ears!

Smart Functions

Samsung TVs are famous for their innovative smart features that are beyond comparison. They can give you access to the newest applications today as they are equipped with a smart platform like Tizen. They usually work with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Bixby.

The increased refresh rates of Samsung TVs also reduce movement blur, allowing you to enjoy clearer and more fluid images while the action is on the screen.

For example, Samsung Smart TVs are expensive because they serve as an all-in-one entertainment television, allow you to connect your phones to them, can be used as a substitute for a laptop for work, have a single remote control, and allow you to use the Apple TV on them because they are Apple compatible.

How Expensive Samsung TVs Compared To Other Brands

Samsung is more costly than budget-friendly brands like as TCL and Vizio, but it is around the same price as other premium brands such as LG and Sony. Samsung is the most expensive of the premium brands.

Samsung has consistently had a prominent position on the list of the most highly recommended television brands throughout the world. As a result of its ongoing research and development, the company guarantees that it provides its clients with the finest of the best equipment, such as TVs, in order to provide them with unparalleled delight.

With Samsung TVs, you can see and feel the truth behind the adage “quality comes at a cost.” The brand’s TVs are designed to be of high quality, with A-1 materials used to assure dependability and long life.

If you are thinking about purchasing a Samsung TV but are concerned because of the price, you may want to compare it to other manufacturers that have almost the same specs as the Samsung TV.

The following table compares the prices of the Samsung 55-inch QN90A QLED television with the prices of the 55-inch TVs from LG, Sony, TCL, and Vizio.

What Are The Most Expensive Samsung TVs?

The Samsung UN110S9VFXZA and Samsung UA11059B are the two most costly Samsung televisions available.

Samsung is a well-known global technology business that is well-known for its innovation, quality, and dependability. All of this resulted in the company garnering a large number of very devoted customers who felt its excessive costs to be justifiable in exchange for top-of-the-line gadgets!

The iconic Samsung TVs are widely regarded as the pinnacle of the television business, despite the fact that they are much more expensive than their rivals.

They are pricey, to be sure, but how much more expensive can they possibly be? You may be interested in learning about the Samsung TVs that can set you back an arm and a leg!

The Samsung UN110S9VFXZA, Samsung UA11059, and Samsung UA11059B are the brand’s two most costly TVs, followed by the Samsung UN110S9VFXZA. These televisions are also featured in the list of the world’s most costly televisions!

Samsung UN110S9VFXZA –$150,000

The 110-inch screen of this Samsung TV, which has a 4K Ultra High Definition resolution, will undoubtedly appeal to you (3840 x 2160 pixels). In addition to having a refresh rate of 240Hz, it also enables screen mirroring and has several connectors, including USB and HDMI.

Samsung UN105S9B – $260,000

This model has so far been crowned the most expensive Samsung television – and it is undoubtedly the most expensive for clients with the deepest wallets! According to a handful of evaluations, you will undoubtedly be delighted and your money will not be wasted by purchasing this equipment!

Precision Local Black Dimming and eye tracking are included in this 105-inch TV, which also has auto depth enhancer, vibrant colors, and UHD technology. It is available in two versions: the Super Audio version, which has eight speakers and three subwoofers, and the Super Audio Ultra version, which has greater image quality but fewer other functions.

Aside from all of the previously stated features, what distinguishes this television from others is its most astounding feature: it is the biggest bendable television to date! Consider the possibility of being able to choose whether you want to watch your favorite Netflix series on a flat or a curved TV just by pushing a button!

Are Samsung TVs Worth To Buy?

Yes. In addition to its real-life image quality, smart features, anti-glare technology, reduced input lag, single cable connection, and beautiful designs, Samsung TVs are a good investment because of their many advantages.

One of the most significant disadvantages of Samsung televisions is their high cost. Despite the strong desire of buyers to acquire them, many are having second thoughts since there are a plethora of rival brands that have similar specifications but are available at more reasonable prices. These days, they have more options, which makes them more useful!

As a result, what makes these very expensive Samsung televisions worthwhile investments?

It is true that there are several compelling arguments for why these TVs are regarded excellent buys.

First and foremost, the visual quality of these televisions is comparable to that of a real-life scene thanks to their revolutionary screens. For example, Samsung QLED TVs are equipped with the Quantum Dot, which allows them to generate images with the optimal brightness, contrast, and sharpness, resulting in images that are more vibrant and free of distortion.

Samsung TVs are also a good investment because of their innovative interactive features. These televisions are capable of being utilized for a variety of activities such as viewing movies, streaming content, playing games, and listening to music. Their VA panels, for example, offer an excellent contrast ratio, making them ideal for playing games in both dark and bright surroundings.

Samsung TVs are also equipped with anti-glare technology, which prevents any reflections from appearing on the screen. Furthermore, they offer little input lag, which allows you to have a seamless operation with your device without experiencing too much delay, making them particularly well suited for video games.

Another advantage of these TVs is that they only have a single cable connection, which allows you to have a more organized atmosphere with less visible connections. Finally, Samsung televisions are renowned for their fashionable designs, which are thin, lightweight, and stylishly slim.

Samsung TVs Alternatives

Because Samsung televisions are too expensive for some, several alternatives to Samsung televisions are worth exploring and evaluating. These solutions might provide you with the qualities that you need while still staying inside your budget.

Because 4K televisions are presently among the most popular options among consumers, the following models are excellent alternatives to the Samsung QN90A and Samsung Q60A series:

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