Why Did Yennefer Save Cahir?

We are all aware that The Witcher is a series that does not only concentrate on one narrative since it also follows several subplots in which some of the other characters are engaged. This is something that the series does in order to keep its audience interested. Yennefer’s tale from season 2, in which she protected Cahir, the leader of the Nilfgaardian army, and then virtually defied The Brotherhood when they requested her to kill him personally, was an example of one of these subplots. But what compelled Yennefer to come to Cahir’s rescue?

Yennefer had no other option than to come to Cahir’s rescue, so she did so. She was presented with two alternatives, none of which represented the most advantageous course of action for her. As a result, the only alternative available was to forgo making a decision and instead go with a strategy that was completely untested, which was to first rescue Cahir and then figure out how to return to Cintra in order to retrieve her magic.

Because we were never given any further information about the Nilfgaardian commander throughout the first season, the subplot between Yennefer and Cahir was a fascinating one. We were able to get a decent glimpse into Cahir and his motivations thanks to his connection with Yennefer. This allowed us to understand how his tale fit into the bigger picture of what was going on in The Witcher.

Why Did Yennefer Save Cahir?

Why Did Yennefer Save Cahir?

There are a lot of characters in The Witcher, both major and minor. In addition to Yennefer, we see more of Cahir, the Niflgaardian commander who was charged with the invasion of Cintra and the conquest of Ciri in the series. We also saw Yennefer and Cahir on opposing sides in the last episode of season one..

When Cahir appeared in the first season, Ciri referred to him as “the Black Knight” because of the way he was shown as the towering figure who was out to capture her. However, once Yennefer spared him from death in season 2, he had a much more significant part. Yennefer saved Cahir, but why?

It was in the last episode of season 1 when Cahir and Fringilla were leading Nilfgaard’s men against the wizards’ army at the Battle of Sodden Hill. Meanwhile, Yennefer took on a leadership role with the mages in that battle. Yennefer used fire magic to win the fight, but Cahir and his soldiers were severely defeated. A subsequent investigation showed that the magicians kidnapped Cahir and held him as a prisoner in order to get information.

The Brotherhood of Mages, on the other hand, believed that Yennefer had been killed at the Battle of Sodden Hill. Despite this, she was captured by Fringilla and the Nilfgaardians and held as a prisoner. Yennefer’s power was gone when she utilised fire magic, which was the hardest part.

When the Nilfgaardians were attacked by the elves, Yennefer was able to escape for a second time. When she returned to the Brotherhood, things didn’t go as smoothly as she had imagined. That she was still alive made Tissaia, the person who taught her to be a wizard, very glad. Stregobor, one of the Brotherhood’s elders, feared that the reappearance of the “hero” of Sodden Hill would damage his authority and influence over the mages.

As a result, Stregobor initiated a smear campaign that made people question Yennefer’s loyalty. Stregobor was certain that Yennefer was a spy from Nilfgaard since she returned uninjured. Beheading Cahir, the man she had taken prisoner, was the only way she could establish her allegiance.

As an alternative, Yennefer may tell the Brotherhood she had lost all of her magic, which would serve as evidence that she was not a spy and clear her name. As a result, the Brotherhood’s elders would only become more powerful in the eyes of the public.

As a result, when Yennefer brought Cahir before the Northern Kings and Queens of the continent to be killed, the wizard made no decision. Cahir’s shackles were broken and the pyres were shoved, causing a commotion and turmoil. She took advantage of this by fleeing with Cahir, telling him she just rescued him so she could escape.

However, Yennefer rescued Cahir not because she was a spy for the Nilfgaard or because she was in love with him. Instead, she opted for a strategy that was unavailable to her before to the execution. Because she didn’t want to be a pawn for the Brotherhood, she chose that choice.. However, she was also concerned that the Brotherhood’s elders would gain political clout once they realised she was no longer in charge.

She made the decision to rescue Cahir since it was her only option. Additionally, she felt that rescuing Cahir and potentially even transporting him to Cintra might help her regain her abilities.

In What Episode Did Yennefer Save Cahir?

Episode 3 was the one in which Yennefer saved Cahir. He rescued him toward the conclusion of the episode and in the later part of the episode. When they were preparing to execute Cahir by making Yennefer their executioner, it occurred. But as previously said, she had other ideas in mind.

Why Did Yennefer Disobeyed The Brotherhood?

If you remember correctly, Yennefer was not the most dutiful magician on the continent at any point in time. There were many times that she defied the Brotherhood, such as when she prevented herself from becoming the wizard of Nilfgaard and when she became a rogue after the death of the queen of the realm that she served. There were also many more times when she disobeyed the Brotherhood. She even violated the Brotherhood by joining the mage army that defeated Nilfgaard’s soldiers. This shows just how much disobedience she has.

In spite of this, the fact that she was never really devoted to the order of the mages was the driving force for her disobedience to the Brotherhood when she was instructed to carry out the execution of Cahir. She had other personal ambitions in mind, so she didn’t have time to become involved in the political bickering and quest for dominance that was going on amongst the many magicians. Naturally, following the mages in that moment with Cahir would simply make him their puppet and enable the elders to grow even powerful in a political sense. This is because obeying the mages would allow Cahir to play into their hands.

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